Sunday, September 22, 2013

I'm Back!

I'm Back

So I actually wrote this a month and a half ago and then I got busy with things again. I really am back this time and will write more about what I have been up to in the meantime (at least the crochet and knitting related) but in the meantime feel free to take a look or just skip it and wait for the new one (I wouldn't blame you!) Thank you so much for still being interested enough in my blog to read this!


Hello dear friends, I do apologize for my absence. I've had a very busy month. For the sake of my health and our safety we needed to move as soon as possible and moved into our new place 2  1/2 weeks ago. Two days ago the boy and I were married. Between the move and the wedding (mostly the wedding) I just could not find either the time or the inspiration for the blog. I do apologize for this. I was so busy, and everything so disjointed, I couldn't even use crafting as a stress relief.

As crafters we are so driven to want to include crafts into the major parts of our lives, sometimes we forget how forcing ourselves to craft can sometimes make it less enjoyable.

I decided to make my own wedding bouquet. I am allergic to flowers and not a very girly girl so making a rather simple bouquet of knitted flowers and a couple other little touches was a great idea. What a pity I came to it two weeks before the wedding. It was a huge rush to find patterns I liked, find time in between moving to make them, and then put them together (than god for friends who are better crafters than I and willing to work on crafts while waiting for me ti get my hair done the day OF the wedding). The first few flowers were so much fun, but I quickly felt like I was copping out and could and should be making something much more interesting for myself. I do like how it came out and am so glad I have a bouquet I can treasure forever.

The second craft I worked on for my own wedding was our wedding favors. The friends and family coming to celebrate our commitment was very important to us so it meant a lot for me to make something special for them to take home. Somehow I failed to budget just how much time it would take to make goodie bags for over 100 people (thankfully less than 60 by the time we had our final numbers) We finally stuffed bags the night before and I had less than a third of what we needed. I started off knitting bags which took at least 3-4 hours each of straight knitting, and thankfully switched to crochet at the beginning of June. Even with my own bag pattern witch took a third of the time, I ended up with less than 30 of the bags. A year out 100 bags seemed so doable but they got so boring, simple and repetitive, it just never happened.

The last thing I, personally, crafted for my wedding was my table decorations. (The dresses for all the women we also made by hand just not by my hand, and thankfully I didn't end up making my own wedding cake) I had a gorgeous venue so I just tossed my little octopuses on the table and everyone was happy.

 I wish I had put more passion and less quantity into the rest of what I did for our special day. In the days since the wedding I have had very little wish to craft at all and that is just sad. I am working to find a good crafting space for myself in our new home and hopefully will be able to work on furthering my kills and finding new challenges to keep me as enthuesed about my yarn as I have been for the past few years.

Expect more from me soon as I give myself the time to find my love of the yarn again. In the meantime, Happy crafting!

I know a lot of my enthusiasm remaining is in thanks to an amazing crochet group I recently joined, crochet 4 the masses on facebook. Such an amazing and supportive group of crafters. Please give them a look if you're a crocheter on facebook. (no advertising by them just a community that has meant a lot to me, not a group for selling or advertising your shop, just helpful awesome crafters)

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Some Quick Thoughts

Some Quick Thoughts While Crochetting


Making tentacles is totally fun, arms are a complete and total bitch! I need to move to a planet where everything has tentacles instead of arms. Not only will things be easy to emulate in yarn-craft but I will seen as some kind of magician for the things my fingers can do!
I am completely obsessed with crochet, I don't think I've knitted in a couple weeks! Not sure I'm ok with this or not, I guess as long as I don't give up knitting completely I can have room for both of them in my heart.
What can a row marker never survive more than one project? They are always lost or broken when I try and start something else. I wonder how many little green safety pins (yes I knot they keep breaking because I use the cheapest markers ever)  we will find when we move.

Trying to get rid of clothes, books, kitchen stuff, etc. that we don't need so there is room in the new place for the stash!

Crocheting with black yarn makes me very very cranky. Crocheting little tiny hands in black yarn makes me want to punch someone in the face with the god damned little fiddly black hands!

Would people please stop making amigurumi patterns that are a basic head and torso and all the fun bits added in felt? That's a sewing pattern, I can't sew! It does, however, make the people who are making the incredible crochet patterns that look exactly like the character just so damn impressive!

I really need to find some crafter friends in my area. I'm tired off my friends not understanding my yarn rants and not having people to get advice on projects and share patterns/techniques with.

The hands may be annoying, but the thumbs are ridiculously adorable!!!

And once again I learn my lesson about following the order the pattern creator suggests to put on the pieces. Now I have to make the pants longer, sigh.

Really small crochet hooks look like terrifying dental tools.

A lot of today's thoughts come from this absolutely adorable pattern. I am totally impressed with it though the arms drive me totally crazy. I'll be adding pictures to the facebook when I finish. Maybe here if I am feeling really ambitious.

Please feel free to share your own thoughts!

Sunday, July 14, 2013

I don't have a big fun post planned for you today, I wanted to talk a bit about some of the problems I'm having with my yarn crafts. I hope there's come stuff you can relate to and you still find it valuable, but even if not it helps me to get it out.

Earlier this year I decided to buckle down and work my ass off and make selling my crafts a way to support myself. I finished up all the half finished projects I had, updated my etsy page and tried to get my stuff out there. It's not going as well as I had hoped. I've only sold one item in the entire history of crafting and it was to a friend who never ended up paying me for it. Needless to say I'm starting to get a bit discouraged. But I keep pushing on because this is something I do desperately love and it would be an absolute dream to be able to make it a financially secure use of my time. The best I can do right now is making as many new pieces and varieties as I can.

And there is the problem.

I starting knitting (and later crochet) for three reasons. 1. My roommate at the time said it was a good relaxing stress reliever 2. I needed an inexpensive hobby and 3. I am a chronic fidgeter and need productive things to do with my hands all the time. Knitting quickly became all of those things for me (well except inexpensive, though it's still better than gaming  because I have a physical item afterwards) especially a de-stresser. So what do you do when the thing you do to relax is now your job? Don't get me wrong, I still absolutely love it. I have tons of ideas I want to work on and I love the feeling of finishing a project. But I never really stop and have a break from working on stuff. Watching a movie? Great I'll grab my project! Playing games with friends? I can work when it's not my turn! Oh we're going camping this weekend? Let me see how much yarn I can fit in the car! Basically the only time I'm not working on something is when I'm showing, sleeping, eating or writing (I can knit between sentences can't I?)

How do I find a break from something I really love? I need to figure something out because I'm starting to worry about burning out on crafting and that would be a huge shame. For now I'll keep working constantly to get the 4 shawls and many octopi finished for this weekend. And maybe when my honey gets home He can help me find a good distraction from my knitting for a while.

We're on Facebook!

We're on Facebook!


Yeah It might not be super exciting but it is for me. I've got the facebook page up finally. I will be sharing new posts over there so it's a good way to follow the page. Also a much better way to get a-hold of me than on here. So please head over and take a look. If you want to make me really happy you can like the page. That would be awesome!

I will have a real post up either tonight or tomorrow, promise!

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

This Ain't Crafting Weather!

This Ain't Crafting Weather!

Ah the weather is changing, summer is upon us and...wait that's not a good thing for crafters! I'm not much a warm weather person at the best of times. I like my hot tea, a nice blanket and not having to use 3 separate fans to keep my laptop from overheating. But mostly I love knitting warm fluff things, shawls, gloves, blankets, my hands stay warm while knitting and the bigger projects keep my lap warm. In the summer knitting just leads to sadness.

There's nothing worse than sweaty yarn, patterns being blown around by the 5 million fans you have to keep cool (unless you have a/c then this post isn't for you cause you suck), not to mention all those lovely projects you finish? No one wants to buy a hat or a scarf right now, it's too dang hot! So you switch to light shawls and amigurumi, or get started early on Christmas presents but it's hard to put you best work in when you just want to fill the bathtub with ice and drink margaritas.

So fuck summer I think I'll just pack up the stash, move to Alaska, and open up an all season knit shop. Because right now it's only 54 degrees that. That does sound heavenly.

So I wanted to try something new, I try and share the awesome patterns I come across with you but I will now be adding one with each post. It will usually be something I'm currently working on and I will try and have my finished product with the post the pattern is featured on.

So today's pattern is a little amigurumi project (my first that's not all-in-one) Baby Snow Dragon I'm still working on mine and will try and have it up for next time. I love dragons and have a bunch of patterns for them saved, this one looked easy so I thought I would try it first. Not great for a summer project with all the tiny pieces, but at least it's not an afghan!


Sorry about the lack of updates, obviously I don't do well in the heat and have been having a hard time being creative enough to write. My birthday is tomorrow so please mosey on over to the shop and I will try and have something up for you this weekend (let's be fair, I won't be up to being creative on Friday!)

Monday, June 24, 2013




I do apologize for the break in posts. I've been sick (summer colds are evil things) stressed (so is roommate/house hunting) and had a new obsession (this one's fun!) Well besides my big new obsession of crochet in general. I decided to take a bit of a break from the shawls for the weekend and work on some of the cute little crochet patterns I had bookmarked. I started with the tiny octopus. Yeah I'm a fan!
These little guys are a ton of fun to make and a great introduction to amigurumi and making crocheted balls. Not to mention a good way for me to get rid of all that horded multicolored yarn. I am now giving a try to some little jellyfish, I'll show you once they finish.

Let's be fair I'm mostly just having a lot of fun doing those little curly-cue tentacles. And I may have needed an excuse to do a super tiny tall top hat. Then we learned why sport weight black yarn, size b crochet hook and poor lighting are not a good combination.

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

The Skull Shawl Finale!

The Skull Shawl Finale!


This has been a lot of fun, and I hope you enjoyed reading it too. Ok so looking at the page views I'm the only one reading but maybe you're reading back now, in which case thanks. I've now got a lovely finished shawl I am all excited to wear to a pirates event in a few weeks. I've already started a new one and am working on a few other things. Maybe I'll update you on them. Slowly. Over time.

I only have one last bit of advice if you are going to try the project, weave your ends as you go! Unless you have a lot more patience than me. I was all excited and ready to get it washed and strung up and then I noticed a bunch of ends not done. Very frustrating. Also apparently warn the roommate you have used the shower rod. He will move the shawl but he won't put the shower curtain back up and the bathroom will be soaking wet because he is a lazy jackass. Ahem I mean it's probably my fault. Pointless anecdotes aside here is the finished project! 

First the finished but not yet washed has some weird puckered bits at the top I was a bit worried about, the flattened out fine

Hanging in our shower I spaced them out a bit more later. Definitely has to be hung dried to open up the skulls nicely.

And the finished product! Those new puckers up top settle down with a bit of tugging otherwise we have nice open skulls on a nice clean shawl yay!

The nice finished skull Huzzah! not perfect but I certainly like it.

Thanks for reading folks!!